Software as a Service

Storing data in the cloud and accessing it from multiple devices through multiple applications is how modern, mobile business is done.

Do More with Your Data

Share your customer service data with your other business applications to streamline operations, eliminate duplicate data entry (and human error) and immediately act upon that data across your organization.

Simplify your business with the cloud.

Real-time Data Access

When connected through the cloud, the clock events, photos, paperwork and service details that techs collect on the mobile app are instantly available in the office or anywhere else you login.

No IT Hassles

Save yourself the overhead and stress of maintaining your own servers or being responsible for updating server-based software. All that is handled by dedicated IT professionals at Amazon and ServiceTrade staff for you.

Secure Storage and Redundancy

All of your ServiceTrade customer service data is stored by Amazon Web Services. AWS is relied on by hundreds of providers from banks to Netflix to medical facilities, so AWS adheres to bank-level security across its cloud network. Check out Amazon’s 69-page security overview whitepaper, then ask your own IT staff or the provider of a server-based solution how their security protocol compares.

Go Mobile and Paperless

Customers think your business is more professional, more modern, and better organized when technicians use mobile applications and devices to provide great customer service. SaaS also gives your staff the option to login remotely and work from anywhere.

The Practical Guide to Buying Software for Service Contractors

Read this free 16-page guide for a easy-to-follow steps for choosing market-leading vendors who will help your business. Get the guide.

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