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The Ups and Downs of a Service Contractor’s Software Buying Journey

November 18, 2015

I’ve watched a decent amount of Oprah in my life, so I’m pretty well trained as an armchair psychologist.

Today’s episode is about the ups and downs of committing to a field service management solution.  Friends, you are not alone in your rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings as you consider making a change. If you’ve talked to one of our sales reps, you’ve seen what the application can do, you’ve built excitement about customer engagement, streamlining operations and knowing exactly what is going on in the field. This is when the fear, uncertainty and doubt can start to creep in. It can feel a bit like you’re about to

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The Ups

A good field service management software solution (and we think ServiceTrade, in particular) opens up possibilities for the business beyond solving the pains and problems that inspired you to start looking at field service software in the first place.

All of this awesome potential probably makes you feel like:


The Downs

After talking with our sales team, that darned Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt starts to rear its ugly head. FUD can easily chip away at the couch jumping you felt just a couple of days ago. How on Earth can you possibly handle the changes that would be required to handle 2x the revenue from your best customers, or have a 3x quote approval rate?  You start to hear either in your head or from your staff that:


The Plan

Even as I write this today, I hear a group of three new users sitting in our Durham, NC office going through a daylong training course. They’re in the ServiceTrade application looking at their company’s data, asking questions, and laughing with our Support Tech Aaron Shoemaker.

Each new implementation goes through a 30-day step-by-step plan that you’ll get from your sales rep (if you haven’t already, ask them for it).  You and your services tech will work through it one step at a time.  We know about how long each step should take from our side, but we can work at your pace if you need more time to complete anything.

If you’re on one of our paid plans, you’ll have access to our services team when you need help troubleshooting issues or advice on the best practices.


The Payoff

You get a field service management solution!
You get a field service management solution!
You get a field service management solution!

Just kidding.  Our goal is for ServiceTrade to pay for itself.  It does that when you’re able to:

So maybe you’ve seen a bit of yourself in the journey that so many of our new customers have gone through? When you feel the FUD taking over, have a seat on the yellow Oprah couch with someone at ServiceTrade, and let’s talk.


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