Time-Saving Tips for Managing Social Media

Let’s assume that you’re active in social media because you know that service contractors need to be visible beyond the times when you’re at a customer’s facility.

Let’s assume that you know how important it is for a service company to continually listen to what people are saying about you in social media — whether it’s positive or negative.  Especially if it’s negative.

Let’s also assume that we all can be more efficient in how we monitor and update our social media networks.

Manage Social Media


Save Time

A social media management platform is a single application for updating and monitoring all of your social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.  The platform becomes the helm for managing what you’re monitoring and broadcasting.  This saves a lot of time since you do not have to update each platform individually, but rather create a single post that automatically gets sent to your social media accounts.

Try these Tools

Several platforms exist for social media management. They range from free to low-cost options that have advanced features and multiple user accounts.

  • Hootsuite – One of the most widely-used platforms that integrates all of the social networks. Includes a reporting tab to track performance over time. Offers a free version.
  • Buffer – A popular free solution that integrates with Pinterest. Includes helpful shortcuts like automatic scheduling, shortening URLs and it has a browser button for quickly sharing web pages.
  • Sprout Social – Has all of the scheduling, listening and reporting features that will save your time and keep your finger on the pulse of your social networks.

How to Use Them

Connecting your social networks through the platform is easy. Once set up, you’ll see that:

  • You now have a single website to post to and to monitor your social media channels
  • Your social media management time is more efficient since you can write and schedule several future updates across multiple networks at one time*
  • It’s easier to monitor discussions in the industry and join the right conversations by tracking hashtags and keywords
  • You can monitor the sentiment toward your brand and send more timely responses

Two weeks ago we talked about how texting with field technicians on a small smartphone screen isn’t the most efficient way to communicate. The same holds true for managing your social media.  Sending an update whenever you have a moment from your mobile device leaves a lot of your social media program to happenstance. Each of these platforms have a mobile application that will give you the same benefits, whether you’re in the office or in the field.

*Note of Caution: Keep an eye on breaking news on the days of your your scheduled posts.  Consider rescheduling your messages if there is breaking local, national or international news or somber events like natural disasters, tragic accidents, or the death of a significant public figure.

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