RESSAC Climate Control Technologies: A Better Way to Collect Data

RESSAC Climate Control Technologies

RESSAC Climate Control Technologies

  • “ServiceForms is a straightforward solution for our technicians and allows them to improve the speed and accuracy of their service work. Keeping our technicians and customers happy are our two highest priorities!”

    -Nick Rohan, CEO, RESSAC Climate Control Technologies

Re-evaluate How You Manage Forms

RESSAC Climate Control Technologies is a third generation family-owned business that services light commercial mechanical systems. They specialize in serving low-risk office parks, mall retail and big box retail sites. RESSAC has been a customer of ServiceTrade since 2015.

In early 2020 RESSAC was due to upgrade the tablets their service technicians used in the field, giving them a good reason to re-evaluate how they were managing their maintenance and compliance forms. At the time, service technicians would fill out a PDF form on their tablets, then upload the form to ServiceTrade. Nick Rohan, CEO, RESSAC Climate Control Technologies stated, “It was a slow, multi-step process to fill out the PDF forms on the technician’s tablet.”

A Better Way

Once RESSAC made the decision to move to ServiceForms they found the product easy to use. Nick shared, “ServiceForms allows you to custom design forms very quickly with little to no programming knowledge. Although, having a programmer’s mindset would help with the design of the output forms. If you don’t have someone with that skill set in your company ServiceTrade can help with converting your forms.” Another way you can get up and running quickly with ServiceForms is taking advantage of the out-of-the-box forms that are available.

Saving Money & Time

By moving to ServiceForms RESSAC was able to eliminate the need to purchase new tablets. Technicians are now able to do all the work on their smartphones, since the forms are optimized for small screens. This allowed RESSAC to save $700 in upfront costs and an additional $20 per month for each technician.

RESSAC was also able to increase the speed at which technicians completed the required job paperwork, since customer, location, and asset information is auto-filled from ServiceTrade. They were able to build logic into their forms to automate actions in ServiceTrade, like creating a deficiency or warning technicians when they missed completing a required field. The move to ServiceForms allows RESSAC to get data from the technicians faster, more accurately, and more completely – all while saving money.


Learn more about RESSAC Climate Control. Ready to free your data from paper and PDFs? Request a Demo!

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