Guardian Fire Protection Transforms Business Operations with ServiceTrade

In 2014, Guardian Fire Protection sought a solution to replace their four different software systems. After discovering ServiceTrade, they successfully implemented and deployed the software in just three months.

Increased Efficiency

ServiceTrade became the key to newfound super-efficiency. “We were recognizing and realizing efficiencies that we never realized were possible”, says Scott Agge, CEO of Guardian Fire Protection.

Guardian has the ability to make decisions about prioritizing work to meet the goals of their business. “Everything we put into ServiceTrade is accessible,” says Thanh Nguyen, Technician. The software grants them access to comprehensive information that can be leveraged to inform their customers about on-site activities, generate work acknowledgements, and document deficiencies. Whether it is closed jobs, open jobs, or outstanding tasks, ServiceTrade provides their technicians and office staff a convenient way to navigate and prioritize their workflow. It seamlessly handles deficiency management, from quoting to approval, ensuring the customer is informed and Guardian is capturing every new service opportunity.

In the past year alone, they successfully provided 90,000 services to over 38,000 customer locations. Such impressive accomplishments would not have been possible without the efficiency that ServiceTrade introduced into their business.

Multi-Location View

Originally operating in Maryland and New Jersey, Guardian Fire Protection rapidly expanded to encompass eight offices spanning from Maryland to Michigan.

ServiceTrade plays a vital role in gathering and analyzing data across their multiple locations. By having a complete suite of customer and operational information, Guardian has established metrics and dashboard reports to achieve consistency and measure results.

“We know if we are hitting certain benchmarks, we are going to drive profitability in the business,” says Wade Colli, Operations Manager. These insights allow Guardian to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations, driving profitability company-wide.

Guardian Fire Protection exemplifies how ServiceTrade empowers companies to transform and grow. By leveraging a software solution that revolutionizes their operations, Guardian Fire Protection has gained the necessary resources and confidence to fulfill their commitment to delivering exceptional service, cultivating enduring customer relationships and achieving their business goals to become a true industry leader.


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