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How Good Software "Learns" to Help Service Contractors Over Time.

Billy Marshall
February 2, 2015

Operating a business in a vacuum is a handicap.  There’s a limit on information you can gather about smart business practices when you are swamped with managing the details of your enterprise.  How helpful would it be to have “partners” in your business that are constantly on the lookout for solutions to your most challenging issues?


Here at ServiceTrade, we constantly solve problems that our customers face.  Because we provide such a high level of support, our clients regularly bring us new challenges  and ask our team for solutions.

An intrinsic part of good software is that it improves over time.  Software deployed via the cloud, gets those improvements immediately into the hands of customers.  Imagine if your car had a feature that allowed it to immediately implement new improvements as soon as the manufacturer created them  –  brighter headlights, lighter bumpers, improved braking systems.  Well the physical world can’t do that.  You have to buy a new car.

Software is different.  Every improvement made for one customer is available to ALL customers (when applicable, proprietary customer data is NEVER shared).  If a client asks us to make an adjustment or add a feature that we feel will benefit others, then it is a win-win for all of our clients.   After review and testing, an improvement is added to the product and available to everyone.   The software has “learned” how to solve a new set of problems.

Let ServiceTrade show you the  path to better management of your service contracting business.


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