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How much information is too much?

Check out this image from an Amazon notification that I received during the holiday season.  It included imagery of the product (some black pajamas), a map of my neighborhood that indicates the location of my house, the current location…
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What Contractors can Learn from the Mechanic

Megabrands like Amazon and Domino's are outselling their competitors and changing consumer expectations by going on offense and providing better customer experiences that are convenient and transparent. As easy as it is to dismiss these examples…
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3 More Ways to Get Customers Hooked on Your Feel-Good Brand (Part 2)

You won't make your customer feel good if you provide convenience, transparency, and avoid bad surprises. Those are the bare minimum to meet their expectations. From my last blog post: Dr. Feelgood, from the 1989 Mötley Crüe single,…

3 Ways to Get Customers Hooked on Your Feel-Good Brand

Dr. Feelgood, from the 1989 Mötley Crüe single, was a drug dealer who got the name because he made his customers feel good. This kept his customers coming back for more. Do you make your customers feel good? It doesn’t really matter…
happy amazon customer receives amazon box delivery
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Good is Not Good Enough – How Amazon Raised Expectations to Feel Good for Commercial Service Contractors

Several dozen books (at least) have been written about the Amazon phenomenon, and I could probably go on and on myself about the lessons that can be drawn from its success. The lesson for the service contractor is that making your customers…
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Prioritizing Customers Above Operations – B&W Mechanical

They spent hours on it. Brad Boggs at B&W Mechanical and Shawn Mims of ServiceTrade met several times to discuss how to integrate B&W’s accounting system with ServiceTrade. They planned it strategically, they talked with an integrator…
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Good is Not Good Enough

Amazon does not settle for “good” in the realm of customer service. It is not enough for the customer to simply get what they paid to receive. Amazon wants customers to enjoy the experience in the same manner as a guest might enjoy a good…
welcome to Missouri the show-me state highway welcome sign
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Tellin’ ain’t Sellin’ – Every Customer is From Missouri, So Show Them Something!

When your salespeople call on customers, what are they pitching? What do they present when they get that rare opportunity to show a high-profile prospect the benefit of working with your company?  While I have not been in the room often when…
Ace Ventura cracked windshield
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Fix the cracks in your customer experience before they become a chasm

You know those signs on the back of dump trucks that say something like “Stay back 200 feet?” Those things are no joke. I found out the hard way when I was driving home from work on the interstate and heard a loud CRACK in my windshield.…