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The Labor Market is Speaking – Are You Listening?

In early 2001, I had just been appointed to be the Vice President of North America sales for Red Hat.  Many of my early meetings with prospective customers were geared toward understanding what was going to drive buying behavior for large scale adoption of Linux technology.  One meeting in particular sticks in my mind today […]

Ripe Bananas, Seat Miles, and Service Labor Hours

What do these things have in common?  They all represent “perishable inventory.”  Ripe bananas have a short shelf life – sell them or throw them out.  A flight that takes off without being full means seat miles were available and not sold.  A service labor hour without a corresponding service invoice is likewise “perishable inventory” […]

Track the Truck? Track the Tech!

Fleet tracking has become very popular due to low cost GPS and software as a service (SaaS) solutions.  I believe the same trends that are driving fleet tracking adoption – low cost/low hassle SaaS and real time feedback – will drive a new wave of technician tracking via the smartphone.  Fleet tracking is an important […]


Smartphones are Smart Business

If you have been looking for an excuse to arm your field techs with smartphones, I am going to give you several in this blog post. The goal of any business expenditure is to make your business more competitive by lowering costs, improving customer service, or increasing revenue.  I believe an investment in smartphones for […]


Field Service Scheduling – Kill the “Where-wolf” that’s eating your profit

Field service scheduling is hard because it involves both time AND space.  You can’t decide “when” until you know “where.”  And knowing “where” is not just one location.  The scheduler needs to see ALL jobs on a calendar AND on a map simultaneously to make good decisions for the schedule.   In most cases, “where” actually […]

Welcome Beta Testers

ServiceTrade’s beta program is now open.  Join up to share experiences with colleagues and qualify for a special pricing promotion. Two weeks ago, I introduced you to ServiceTrade.  Today, we are opening our beta program to any fire protection services company that wants to get an early look at our technology while helping us finish […]

Introducing ServiceTrade

ServiceTrade is a new software company dedicated to helping facility maintenance and repair companies deliver better service, grow faster, and be more profitable.  Our aim is to provide a terrific mobile and cloud based application that improves field technician productivity, enhances customer collaboration, and streamlines the administrative processes associated with running a service business.  The […]