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Smartphone Buying Guide for Service Contractors, Part 1: Rugged vs. Consumer Devices

So-called “rugged” smartphones are appealing to service contractors because field technicians work in environments that aren’t always electronics-friendly.  As we’ve found in our own testing and heard from our customers, that durability comes at a price in performance and usability. The Deal with Rugged Devices The housing is the main selling feature of a rugged device. The […]

Customer Service is a Marketing Strategy

We’ve been talking about the connections between customer service and its impact on the growth of service contracting businesses. We’re not the only ones who see this critical connection. Read this excellent blog post titled “Customer Service is a Marketing Strategy” by Ben Landers, the President of Blue Corona. In the conclusion, Ben says: “The goal […]

Time-Saving Tips for Managing Social Media

Let’s assume that you’re active in social media because you know that service contractors need to be visible beyond the times when you’re at a customer’s facility. Let’s assume that you know how important it is for a service company to continually listen to what people are saying about you in social media — whether […]