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Allow Only the Best Drivers on Your Customer Service Bus

I keep finding ways to use the phrase “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” This week, it’s pointed at those of us at ServiceTrade. See, we’re a technology company, so we love using technology to help service companies meet the online customer engagement bar that Amazon has raised. We don’t cover as often as […]

Technology Separates You From the Liars and Thieves

We have several honest, high-quality air duct cleaning companies as customers, so it pains me to watch videos that have gone viral of unscrupulous contractors. The investigative TV programs Inside Edition and Dateline have both aired segments that show air duct cleaners ripping off their customers. These two reports made me cringe and laugh: Residential […]

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Make your Business more Valuable by Being more Valuable to your Customers

Billy Marshall often speaks to industry association groups on topics that help service companies be more valuable, successful, productive and more important to their customers. This past May, he spoke in Indianapolis to fire protection companies about The Digital Wrap. This 15-minute recording is crash course on what a digital wrap is, and how it helps […]