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Don’t Use Residential Software for a Commercial Service Business

Commercial and residential service contractors work completely differently. So why would a commercial contractor adopt service management software designed for residential contractors?     While they work in similar fields — HVAC, plumbing, electrical — commercial and residential service contractors work in altogether different ways. Three key differences highlight the complex work demands that face […]

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10 Ways to Clean Your ServiceTrade Account

A lot of us are spending extra time at home cleaning out closets and getting things organized. Why not do the same with your ServiceTrade account? Organizing your ServiceTrade account will give you: More accurate and complete data and good data management habits. Improvements in your process that will make things easier for technicians and […]

How ServiceTrade Helps Commercial Service Contractors Practice Safe Social Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic

ServiceTrade is software that helps your team practice safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Service Managers have visibility to everything, whether they are at home or on the road. Technicians limit interactions with customers and other employees. Front office staff work from home without missing a beat. Salespeople quote what needs to be repaired […]

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The Threat of Ransomware is Rising During COVID-19 Crisis

Becky works for Dan and she’s working from home. She just opened this email. She doesn’t know where Dan is at the moment or what he’s working on. To keep things moving along she’s reacting quickly to every email. So Dan’s short note gets her attention right away. The problem is that this email isn’t […]

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5 Questions with Brad Boggs, B&W Mechanical Contractors

ServiceTrade customer Brad Boggs is Vice President at B&W Mechanical in Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve been using ServiceTrade for about three years. Brad has extensive experience running service operations remotely – whether that’s when he’s on the road during a busy day of customer visits, or the few instances when he’s had to work at home. […]