Drive Pull-Through Revenue – Never miss an opportunity!

Earn more pull-through revenue with ServiceTrade.

Our recent data study showed that service contractors with the best pull-through rates earned more revenue per customer. Now, we want to help you use ServiceTrade’s features more effectively to earn more repair revenue.

Learn more about using ServiceTrade to: 

  • Easily report deficiencies
  • Convert deficiencies to quotes 
  • Send quotes to customers
  • Create work orders from approved quotes

On-Demand Webinar

Replay this webinar to find out how top performing service contractors are driving more revenue.

Shortcut timestamps:

  • 16:23 Technician Workflow :: Report a Deficiency
  • 22:15 AE Workflow :: Send a Service Link
  • 23:23 AE Workflow :: Create and Send a Quote
  • 26:29 AE Workflow :: Quote Followup
  • 28:07 Customer Workflow :: Viewing deficiencies, quotes, and invoice in the Portal

Download your copy of the slides we presented.

Questions and Answers from the Live Webinar

Q: Is it possible to send a message with the quote, such as, in the email rather than just sending a quote with no communication? 

A: When sending a quote, you are provided with a text box wherein you can send a personalized message that will be included in the body of the email accompanying the link to the quote. 

Q: Is there a way to send invoices and quotes together with the inspection reports as attachments?

A: Not at the current time. These emails are separate entities (Sending Quotes, Service Link, and Invoice Link). Quotes and Invoices can be attached to jobs as PDFs and sent with the Service Link. However, at this time, this is a manual process.

Q: Are there any reminders that you can set if a customer hasn’t viewed a quote within a set amount of time? 

A: You can search Quote with status as submitted (not Submitted and Viewed) 

Q: Since the “Send Quote” and “Approve Quote” are on the same page, is there any chance for accidental approval by the contractor and not the customer? 

A: Approving a quote internally is a two step process. Clicking “Approve Quote” is followed by a new window opening that asks the user to verify that the customer has approved. Multiple clicks must be made in order to mark a quote as approved, ensuring the action is intentional.

Q: Service link is to be sent by AE correct? 

A: Service Links can only be sent from the web app job page. This means that it is the responsibility of a member of your office staff to perform this function.

Q: Is only your company a default? And anything you want your customer to see changed to everyone manually? 

A: The default visibility can be updated by your company’s ServiceTrade admin via your account settings.

Q: Is there a way to send an invite to the service portal? 

A: There are two ways that a customer can be added to the Service Portal.

  1. They can request access via a link below the sign-in field 
  2. Your office can manually add them as a user (This option does send the customer a notification that they have been added, however, it is not an invitation to create an account.)

Q: Will the customer get notifications from the portal when quotes, invoices, job reports etc are uploaded? Are Service Links for those things still being sent to portal customers? 

A: As indicated in the webinar, the portal is a self-service tool for your customers. For those that wish to follow up on work performed, view quotes, etc. Notifications are not sent to customers from the portal.

Q: Is the Service Link per job, per customer, per location? 

A: Service Links are interactive job summaries and, as such, are on a per job basis.

Q: Do you happen to have any training materials for customers to navigate through the portal?   

A: We do have a support article within our help center that you can use to educate your customers about the portal’s features.